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our school | home page

Welcome to our school

settlers’ park pre-primary school home

our vision at settlers' park pre-primary school pietermaritzburg

at settlers' park pre-primary we aim to:

  • Create an environment to develop happy, secure, independent children with positive self-esteem and good social skills.
  • Develop the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual well being of every child.
  • To equip children with the skills they need to embrace the challenges of life and become creative, divergent thinkers.
  • Cater for the unique needs of every individual.
  • To develop happy, sympathetic and confident children who have a sense of purpose.
  • Employ caring, competent, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.
  • Encourage parental involvement and open relationships between teachers and parents
  • Provide education in a vibrant, multicultural, co-educational learning environment which fosters co-operation and understanding among the members of our diverse school community.
  • Be accountable to all stakeholders, including pupils, educators and parents and encourage accountability by all stakeholders to our school and society.

we welcome into our community all those who share our vision

Sharing, honesty, fairness, mutual respect and care for each other determine the character of our relationships. We welcome into our community all those who share our vision and can actively support our aims and values.

what will you find at settlers’ park pre-primary school

At our school you will find independent children, who are encouraged to do things for themselves and also to think for themselves. You will encounter children who know how to explore, to question and solve problems, children who help each other and who put things away without being asked.

Everything in our school is designed to allow your child to become independent. You will find that all the materials are child sized and the equipment is laid out in a clear and logical order, on easily accessible shelves and cupboards.

our school, take a virtual walk around tour video

Settlers' Park Pre-primary School invites you as parents and prospective parents of new children coming to our school, to take a virtual tour of our school in this video and all of its facilities

Please note! To return to our website please click/tap your back arrow on your browser. Thanks for watching this video.

past parents reviews of our school

Greg Erskine

Greg Erskine reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

July 23, 2013
Great school for your kids to grow up in.

Rhyno Erasmus

Rhyno Erasmus reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

July 23, 2013
My son went there and I take my hat off to the personnel and staff.

Bronwyn Forson Erskine

Bronwyn Forson Erskine reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

July 23, 2013
What an awesome school. Thank you to all the staff for another great year. I am sure all the Settlers parents will agree with me, the hard work, passion and effort that you all put in is incredible. May you all enjoy the break and have a great 2017.

Candice Biggs

Candice Biggs reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

September 5
My daughter thrives to go to school everyday she started when she was 2 and a half and has not shed a tear when dropping her off from day one.

Andile Hadebe

Andile Hadebe reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

March 15, 2014
Settlers is a great school, my little one enjoys going to school more than ever. She has learned a lot and we can see the difference in our little ones life. Thank you Settlers Park Pre primary

Maglie Alexander

Maglie Alexander reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

December 27, 2016
Isabella loved every minute of school this year. We heard many new songs that was taught by a great music teacher. Was comforting to know that she was in good hands at aftercare, and many days she asked if she could stay longer. We appreciate all of you!

Jane Jones

Jane Jones reviewed Settlers Park Pre-Primary School, Pietermaritzburg

January 4, 2017
My boys Simon And Andrew went there 16 and 18 years ago. They loved it and thier time at "Settlers" still comes up in conversation. Now we live in New Zealand and Andrew is a qualified commercial pilot and Flight Instructor and Si has finished his business degree. Such fond memories, and a good start to their schooling.

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Settlers' Park Pre-Primary School is a Registered Member of ISASA. Why is this important to your child's education? Download a copy of the ISASA brochure from this link


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