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our school | management and administration

the administration of settlers' park pre-primary school

the school is administered jointly by the school principal in conjunction with the governing body

  • The day to day running of our school is managed by the principal who works in conjunction with the Governing Body. The Governing Body is elected annually by the parents and, together with the principal, sets school fees and implements the annual budget.
  • The school is characterized by and is especially proud of the tradition set by our parents, who generously contribute their time and expertise to ensure the smooth running of the school.
  • The safety and welfare of our children is our primary concern. The school premises are fully fenced and all gates are kept locked. Access to the school is controlled by professional staff. Children are not permitted to leave the school premises unless under the supervision of a parent or designated adult.
  • Children are closely supervised at all times. Our equipment is checked regularly to ensure nothing is broken or damaged, that could potentially cause injury. Should an accident occur, the school will immediately contact the parents or one of the emergency numbers listed on your child‘s admission forms.
  • We also have a strict Health and HIV/AIDS policy. All staff are trained in Level 1 First Aid. Any wounds, no matter how small, are cleaned and covered with plasters. We do not teach sex education, nor do we refer to HIV/Aids. We believe that our children should enjoy an innocent and happy childhood for the time that they are at Settlers’.

governing body and group reps

We have an active group of parents and community members with a diversity of skills on our Governing Body. Monthly meetings are held to ensure the smooth running of our school. Our Group Reps are mothers in each of our classes who assist at school functions and with fund raising projects. The Group Reps meet once a term.

our fundraising activities

We rely on parental support and involvement for our various fundraising activities which are planned during the year. Fundraising income is used to purchase equipment and to improve our facilities.

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Settlers' Park Pre-Primary School is a Registered Member of ISASA. Why is this important to your child's education? Download a copy of the ISASA brochure from this link


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