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our school | daily activity programme

our schools daily activity programme

a day in the life of a settlers’ child

Our school day starts from 08:00 until 12:15. For almost half of this time, your child will experience free play, a time to do whatever he or she wishes, under the careful guidance of our teachers. At Settlers’, we believe that play is education. These periods alternate with more formal teacher-directed activities.

our daily programme:-

07:20 to 08:00

Children arrive to be greeted in the garden or classrooms by their teachers. They are free to choose from a variety of activities.

08:00 to 08:15 greeting ring at home bases

The weather and special events of the day are discussed and children are encouraged to share their news.

08:15 to 09:00 special skills at home bases

Children choose from a variety of activities set out in their home bases. These activities are age-appropriate and are designed to develop certain skills e.g. drawing, cutting, painting and pre-reading skills. The school readiness programme takes place during this time.

09:00 to 09:45 free play time

There are various activity areas: creative, fantasy, cognitive and outdoor. Children are free to choose their play area. They are supervised by a teacher and can play with children from different age groups.

09:45 to 10:45 group time, teacher directed activities

During this time children have their toilet and snack routine, as well as the main ring of the day. These ring times include movement, drama, music, design and technology as well as baking activities.

10:45 to 11:30

School Readiness classes have teacher-directed activities, followed by free play in the activity areas. The younger groups have free play in the activity areas.

11:30 to 12:15 story time

This is a time when children are entertained while increasing their vocabulary, language proficiency and concentration span.

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Settlers' Park Pre-Primary School is a Registered Member of ISASA. Why is this important to your child's education? Download a copy of the ISASA brochure from this link


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